Our Story

Collective Journeys was born out of Candice King’s desire to give awareness to smaller charities that are making big impacts within their communities. We want to shine a spotlight on these special charities and give back to those who are doing amazing work with limited funding. 

Every Collective Journeys bracelet comes in a limited edition box which journals about a US based charity and how they’ve made a difference within their community. Every time you order a CJ bracelet you are donating to that local charity! 

When you order online, you have a special opportunity to spread the word about that month's charity by ordering a second bracelet for your friend or family member! All you need is their email address and we do the rest. Giving a gift, and giving back, has never been so easy! 

We hope that we encourage people to look where they can give back within their own community. A Collective Journeys bracelet is the perfect daily reminder that, hand and hand, we can all be a part of each other’s journey.