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Gift Giving

Gifting With Ease

Why A Bracelet?

  • We believe a bracelet is a perfect reminder of the life you live because only you, are strong enough to live it, every journey begins with hope!

I Want To Give A Gift!

  • Giving a gift is simple! Enter the quantity of gifts you would like to give, click "Add to Cart", Input the receivers First/Last Name, Email Address, and a personalized message to them, click "Add Gift to Cart", proceed to check out, and your gift is sent!
Your receiver will then receive a personalized email from you requesting their shipping address 
My Receiver Did Not Receive An Email!
  • If your loved one did not receive an email requesting their shipping details, please contact our customer care team with your order number to review your concern!

How Will My Loved One Know How To Claim Their Gift?

  • In the email they receive, they will be able to see who sent them a gift and be prompted to claim their gift, by simply adding their shipping address.

Can I Get A Matching Bracelet As My Loved One?

  • You may of course purchase a bracelet to take and one to give! Show your loved one your support by letting them know you are right beside them, every step of the way!

Does My Receiver Need To Pay For Anything?

  • Once you place your order, the receiver will simply receive an email requesting their shipping address. Once provided, their gift will be shipped!

When Will My Loved One Receive My Gift?

  • As soon as the receiver provides us with their shipping information, the gift will be wrapped and shipped! Domestic shipping typically takes up to 3-5 business days

What If My Receiver Does Not Have an Email?

  • If your receiver does not have an Email Address, please contact our customer care team for direct assistance with your concern!

My Loved One Never Received Their Bracelet!

  • If your loved one confirms they have not received their gift, please contact our customer care team and we will gladly rectify this immediately!

     Can I Give Multiple Gifts?

    • There is absolutely no limit on gift giving! The greatest joy in all of living, is the joy that comes from freely giving!

    Will You Have Different Bracelets?

    • Each month will have a unique bracelet embracing each journey we share, to raise awareness of the importance of LIFE and the journeys we each go through!

    How Can I Give To The Cause?

    • You did! A portion of your purchase will be donated to the charity we are journeying with that month!