"Girl Power" Charm Bracelet

$20.00 USD

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"Girl Power" Collection in Collaboration with Girls Write Now

Size: Adjustable to 10"

Charm Meanings:
Be the Queen Bee
Black stone in solidarity with Times Up Now
Protective Evil eye with Black Sapphire
The symbol for Female
Read my lips 

15% of all profits proceeds benefit Girls Write Now

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Socials: @girlswritenow

Girls Write Now serves a culturally and educationally diverse community of mentees — 90% girls of color, 70% immigrant or first generation, 25% LGBT/non-conforming; and 90% high need. These under served girls, who have long been negatively impacted by the lack of resources and opportunities in public schools, face significant challenges to educational and professional success. They often lack the guidance and support from a consistent, caring adult, and most come to Girls Write Now with low confidence in their talents and accomplishments. Unfortunately, in our city and our country, girls of color are rarely given the guidance, care, and systemic support they need to graduate from high school and access viable college or career opportunities, perpetuating cycles of poverty and dis-empowerment.