How Long Until My Order Ships?

How Will My Gift Ship?

Delivered Package, Not Received?

My Package Was Returned, Can You Reship?

When Will My Loved One Receive Their Gift?

Do You Ship To My Country?

Does My International Shipment Have Additional Fees?

Does My Loved One Have To Pay For Shipping?

Help! I Put The Wrong Shipping Address, What Can I Do?


How Can I Pay For My Order?


Can I Cancel My Order?

How Long Does A Refund Take?

Can You Process My Refund To My New Card?

Can I Return My Gift?

My Loved One Received A Damaged/Incorrect Item!


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Gift Giving

How Can I Give A Gift?

What If My Receiver Does Not Have An Email?

Can I Get A Matching Bracelet As My Loved One?

When Will My Loved One Receive Their Gift?

Are There Different Bracelets?

How Can I Support The Cause?

Is There A Limit?

My Loved One Did Not Receive An Email?

How Will My Loved One Know How To Claim Their Gift?

Does My Loved One Need To Pay For Anything?

Charity Nominee

Tell Us About Your Charity!

Claim My Gift!

Why Did I Receive A Gift?

Do I Need To Pay?

Will I Be Able To Track My Gift?

How Did You Get My Email?

How Does My Gift Benefit The Overall Cause?

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